Over the years, through the generations, crops have been grown, farm animals have been raised, and cows have been milked. Today the business of the farm is Maple Syrup. Trees are identified, miles of lines are placed, taps are set and then at some magical moment in the early spring, when the winter begins to thaw, the sap begins to run. It is a sweet gift from the trees, one that the Native Americans discovered. It is a very exciting time when the sap runs.

You can see and hear it moving through the lines making its way to the sugar shanty. We do have shiny steel equipment that turns the hundreds of thousands of gallons of sap into thousands of gallons of syrup, but the process is the same as it as always been. Boil the sap to make the syrup. Are you wondering about the name DOC’S? Well David Olin Carpenter was part of the 5th generation to own the farm. He was an amazing man with a kind heart, and he loved the farm.He is our syrup’s namesake, and here is a little story in his own words:

“I became fascinated with the mystique of maple syrup at a very young age; probably no more than 6 or 7. Good friends of my Mom and Dad had quite a production. I used to spend hours and hours in their sugar shanty; sometimes staying all night- just taking naps in a corner. At about age 9, I decided to produce my own syrup. I borrowed a brush-burner and a couple of small boiling pans. I tapped the trees, built an arch for boiling and went into business. Everything was fine except I couldn’t control the heat well enough to finish the syrup properly; that is to get just the right density, color and taste. (Boiling away 48 gallons of water from maple sap to get 1 gallon of syrup is quite a process.) In any case, I convinced my Mom to let me do the final finishing by boiling on her wood-fired stove in her kitchen. It was wonderful; I had really great syrup. BUT, after 3 or 4 days of boiling, all the wallpaper suddenly fell off the walls of her kitchen. I had steamed it off.”

-David Carpenter

So that’s a part of the story of the farm. If you have any questions about DOC’S MAPLE please send us an email or give us a call.

And remember to enjoy DOC’S MAPLE, Sweetness Straight From The Trees!

  • We are a family run business.
  • Our syrup is produced on a NY state farm that has been in the same family for 7 generations!
  • James Carpenter was the first to arrive with his family in 1830.
  • He built a log cabin with blankets at the windows to keep the wild animals out.