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Doc’s Maple Syrup At The Westport Farmer’s Market!

We are thrilled to participate as a summer market vendor at the Westport Farmer’s Market. Conveniently located at 50 Imperial Avenue Lot in Westport, CT, this is a really nice organic market you don’t want to miss through Summer and into Fall. It is a wonderful place to grab some Doc’s Maple Syrup and other delicious local goodies. We truly value this great Market because quite simply, it’s real food from real farmers!

Their mission is “to create and maintain a regional hub where real farmers connect with real consumers over real food. In facilitating these interactions, The Westport Farmer’s Market strives to help food producers and food consumers forge lasting relationships that celebrate education, sustainability, healthy living and just plain delicious food.” Visit their Facebook here.

Starting on May 23rd and running all the way until November 7th, the market will be open every Thursday from 10-2. Mark your calendars as we will be at the Westport Farmer’s Market on the following dates:

  • May 23
  • June 27
  • July 25
  • Aug 22
  • Sept 19
  • Oct 17

We hope to see you there!

What Makes Doc’s Maple Syrup “CERTIFIED ORGANIC”?

These days the word organic has pretty much become a household buzz word, but it seems it is widely misunderstood. In simple terms, organic, when pertaining to food, means what you are consuming has been naturally grown without using additives or fertilizers. Taking it back to the beginning, organic then refers to the farming methods taking place to produce a crop. There are strict standards regarding which products can label themselves as “organic”. Doc’s Maple has gone through the certification process with NOFA-NY Certified Organic, LLC (Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York) and wanted to share with you some of the guidelines for becoming a guaranteed Organic Maple Syrup!

  • Organic Crop Certification includes Field Crops, Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, Wild Crops, Mushrooms, Sprouts, Greenhouses (and Maple Trees).
  • The Land to be certified (Doc’s Maple Farm) must not have had prohibited synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers applied during the previous three years (this includes treated seeds).
  • During inspections, all fields and facilities will be visited, practices will be verified and audit trail records will be reviewed. The certification fee includes inspection costs.
  • Maps must be provided of all fields to be certified. Fields and pastures must have an identification system, either names or numbers. Farms must provide an equipment list and develop harvest records as a part of the complete audit trail system.
  • Buffer zones may be necessary if fields are adjacent to conventionally farmed fields.

New York State is a wonderful place to farm organically and as NOFA-NY states on their website, “The essence of all organic techniques is to work with nature, not against it.” Doc’s Maple Syrup takes pride in this process and hopes you’ll enjoy our natural sweetness straight from the trees.

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Doc’s Maple serves delicious organic treats at Westport Farmers Market

What a nice day. We served goat cheese with a Doc’s Maple syrup drizzle and toasted maple almonds, and people loved it. It is a terrific and easy appetizer. The Doc’s Maple Pralines sold out quickly. We were so busy we did not have a lot of time to visit all the other amazing vendors at the market. There are so many wonderful offerings. Everything from Nothin’ But Premium Snack Bites that are impossible to stop eating to fresh cut basil that smells like heaven. We will be there again in 2 weeks on June 28 from 10-2, can’t wait!


Great Day at the Westport Farmer’s Market

We had a great day at the Westport Farmer’s Market last week. Talked to so many interesting people. Talked about sustainability, organic farming, natural products and of course Doc’s Organic Maple Syrup. It was great to be able to share the story of our farm, our product and to learn from all the other vendors at the market.

There is so much good energy surrounding healthy food these days. Look for us again the Westport Farmers Market on June 21st.


Doc’s Maple at The Westport Farmer’s Market

It is that wonderful time of year again, Outdoors Farmers’ Market Season. Oh so great to meander through the crowd and see the beautiful colored vegetables and delicious natural foods, reminding us all that a lot of love and work goes into creating nourishing food. Well this year Doc’s Maple is  honored to be part of The Westport Farmer’s Market. We will fit right in with our organic status. We will be a part of the market every other week, starting next week. Thursday May 24th from 10-2 we will be set up ready to sell delicious organic Doc’s Maple Syrup  and a few other Doc’s Maple treats.  Please come down and see us and all the other wonderful vendors at The Westport Farmer’s Market at the Imperial Avenue commuter lot.

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We are having a maple weekend at the farm on March 24 and 25!

On the 24th from 8am to 12pm there will be a pancake special for $7/person. Bacon, eggs, sausage, pancakes and french toast with our own delicious warm maple syrup, hot coffee and juice. Tours of our shanty — and weather permitting rides to the woods. Please join us for a sample taste of our syrup, maple cream, maple nuts, cotton candy,and maple sugar. Hours are 9am-3pm. All are welcome. This is an opportunity to learn how this natural sweetner comes from the trees to your table.

You don't have to be a professional to cook with Doc's!

Pass The Syrup, Please! (post your Doc’s recipes)

You don’t have to be a professional chef to cook with maple syrup. Yes, that’s right! Did you even realize you can cook and bake with maple syrup? Sure we all love to drizzle it on our favorite breakfast foods, but it can actually be used as a staple ingredient in many of your recipes. Our Doc’s Organic Maple Syrup is a delicious and healthy alternative to using sugar in foods.

Start your day with a splash of Doc’s in your coffee or tea instead of other sugar products and then get to cooking! Use our organic farm made maple syrup in spaghetti sauce, glazed ham, baked beans, chicken & fish recipes and even salad dressings. How about veggies? Use it in your squash soup or add some sweet flavor to your sweet potatoes and carrots. Bakers can use it in pies, breads, cakes, cookies, muffins and puddings. Whether you’re a food enthusiast or hobbyist, there are many simple ways to give your recipes an extra flair, and one that you don’t have to feel so guilty about. Now go get creative and make something wonderful.

Feel free to submit your quick and easy recipe that uses Doc’s Organic Maple Syrup in the comments or over on our Facebook page!


December 10th and 17th –The Corning (NY) Winter Farmers Market

100 percent pure organic maple syrup

We will have Maple Cotton Candy and Maple Bricks for sale plus all our syrup and gift packages. The have been very popular. They were carried by the soldiers in the civil war. They fit handily in their knapsacks and could be shaved as needed. Today they are used by hikers and hunters. Also they are great in baked beans, coffee and tea. 100 percent pure organic maple syrup. No additives!

The Corning Winter Farmers Market
located inside the Information Center of Corning
1 West Market Street
Corning, NY
11:00 am till 3 pm

The Corning Winter Farmers’ Market was started to provide local consumers with fresh, locally produced products through the winter months when their traditional markets have closed. The Corning Winter Market will feature a variety of vendors & products. You can find local meats, breads, jams, herbs, winter veggies, eggs, dried flowers, holiday wreaths, honey, maple syrup and so much more. The Market will be open Nov. 12, 26, Dec. 10 & 17 from 11am – 3pm. The market will feature extended hours, 11am – 7pm, to share in the Parade of lights festivities on Market Street. You will find the market inside the Information Center of Corning!

The market is sponsored by Cornell Cooperative Extension of Steuben County and the Corning Area Chamber of Commerce. For more information contact CCE at 607-664-2300.

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Many Enjoyed A Beautiful Fall Day at the Carpenter Farm! (Open House)

This past Saturday, Oct 8, we held our first open house on the farm and it was quite a success. While showcasing our organic farm made maple syrup, it was a great day to mingle with residents and provide various treats from the local land. We served scrumptious mini pancakes with Doc’s Maple Syrup, hot dogs, and cheese that was made at the local cheese factory. We paired the cheese with crackers of course and offered a delicious selection of Doc’s Maple accompaniments including maple cream and maple mustard – YUM!

Our local Amish neighbors were gracious enough to provide their fresh apple cider which kept everyone hydrated while they toured our sugar shack and abundant maple trees. The 150+ people that came through seemed to enjoy the family-friendly vibe we have here at the Carpenter farm. The kids decorated our fresh pumpkins and loved the maple popsicles and maple toffee we had for dessert. All in all it was a wonderful day as we believe spending time with others while enjoying what nature has to offer certainly makes life a little sweeter!