We are a family run business

Doc’s Maple is a family owned, family run, singly sourced maple syrup business located in New York State. We sell our syrup in the local tri-state area to grocers, restaurants and at farmer's markets. Our syrup is organically certified and delicious.

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Doc’s Maple Syrup At The Westport Farmer’s Market!

We are thrilled to participate as a summer market vendor at the Westport Farmer’s Market. Conveniently located at 50 Imperial Avenue Lot in Westport, CT, this is a really nice organic market you don’t want to miss through Summer and into Fall. It is a wonderful place to grab some Doc’s Maple Syrup and other […]

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What Makes Doc’s Maple Syrup “CERTIFIED ORGANIC”?

These days the word organic has pretty much become a household buzz word, but it seems it is widely misunderstood. In simple terms, organic, when pertaining to food, means what you are consuming has been naturally grown without using additives or fertilizers. Taking it back to the beginning, organic then refers to the farming methods […]

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Great Day at the Westport Farmer’s Market

We had a great day at the Westport Farmer’s Market last week. Talked to so many interesting people. Talked about sustainability, organic farming, natural products and of course Doc’s Organic Maple Syrup. It was great to be able to share the story of our farm, our product and to learn from all the other vendors at the […]

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